The Plan

A big problem needs a big plan.  A plan so big that it spans and involves multiple continents and countries.  After 2.5 years of focused research and 4 years of total field work and general research on disability in Africa we finally came up with a plan.  Here it is:


Uphold Global is a non-profit, creative agency that tells the stories of children with disabilities in underdeveloped countries and incredible grassroots organizations so that we can empower you to change the world.  

African Partnerships


By focusing on creative marketing for grassroots non-profits rather than direct outreach, we're able to eliminate many administrative, research and salary costs that start up organizations face.  We also save time usually spent developing relationships and learning cultural differences by empowering those that are already there. By saving those additional costs through strategic partnerships, we're able to help more children.


Essentially, we help you change the world in the most effective and efficient way possible.

what do i do

Awareness is a powerful tool: once someone becomes aware of something, they can never become unaware again. They only have two options: let it continue, or do something.  We encourage people to not only do something, but to tell others so they can as well.  

People can't help if people don't know. You didn't know this was an issue until someone told you, and now look at you--changing the world and all.  Click here to get involved with our top ways to spread awareness.

Do you know of an incredible organization that works with children with disabilities in underdeveloped countries?  Hook a brotha up with a grant!  We are always looking for great organizations to create strategic partnerships.  E-mail us at and brag on them!


Uphold Global is partnering with Camphill School in Hermanus in purchasing the school a bus, to ensure that more children get to school and benefit from the incredible services that Camphill has to offer.  Read here to find out more as to what your donation helps accomplish for the world's most precious children.