You should probably meet our team. They are great. And, I don't use that word to describe anything which isn't well, great. Need proof? Thought so, here's the down low on this world changing bunch with big brains and big hearts. Read on...

Kelsey- The Founder. Into coffee, African children, rapping. She likes you more if you are disabled. She moved to Africa for 3 years, lost part of her heart, found her calling and started the whole thing.

Fran- The Creative. Into words, sushi, and being awesome. She likes you more if you are sarcastic. She helps on the ground in South Africa and makes all our graphics look hot (and professional). 

Luke- The Marketing Dude. Into chips, working out, facebook. He likes you more if you feed him. He studied Marketing and African studies. He has probably come up with 7 ideas by the time you have finished reading this sentence.