I Want In


We know what you’re thinking—

This is way too huge to not get involved.

We get that, and we want you on board.  Look over the ways you can get involved to combat this injustice.

Help us help you become a champion for this cause by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Studies show that campaigns that have a solid team behind them have a 84% greater success rate at promoting and funding their causes than the campaigns that do not.  To join the army of people helping behind the scenes to make Uphold's movement happen, email us at info@upholdglobal.com.


The worst statistic of all is that between 2001 and 2011 these numbers haven't changed.  People can't demand change and results if they don't know there is a need for them.  

There is a need, and it is immediate.  

Do you go to a church? Do you go to a school? Are you involved in any community groups? Do you have a job? Do you have a family? Do you have any friends? Do you have an e-mail address?  Are you active on social media?

Chances are you answered yes to at least one of those questions if you're on our website, and as a result we'd like you to share this information with them.  If you would like to organize an awareness event, e-mail us at info@upholdglobal.com



1.  Individual Donations: You don’t need to give a million dollars to significantly impact this issue (although we won’t turn that away, either!).  The small, generous, sacrificial giving of many is they key to creating the biggest change in these children’s lives.

2. Host a fundraiser: We love it when you donate, but we really love it when you empower others to donate.  E-mail us to tell us your fundraising idea—we’d love to cheer you on!

3. Time: Love admin? Love research? Love greeting people at events? Love social media? Love doing anything you can to help people? Welcome to the team--we love you already.  Contact us below to get involved.