Let's do it again. 

Not another bus, but an even more impactful project.  All movements towards love and acceptance of children with special needs started with their parents advocating for the rights of their child.  Unfortunately, the cultures that these children come from tell their parents that they're cursed or demon possessed and as a result their parents do not fight for their rights.  We've heard recent reports from Camphill of a child 15 year old child being left in preschool his entire life and another 16 year old being tied to a dog post in the back of the house and that is not okay.   We're fighting to change the negative perception of disability so that parent's will advocate for their children and we won't have to come in and save the day.


The parent empowerment project consists of a family meal and support group with other families of children with special needs, classes on both basic parenting and parenting and communicating with a child with special needs, and additional resources and speakers from nearby non-profits that can help further expand the amount of support our parents currently have.  The cost per family participating in this project is $10/week for nine weeks.