1. Post a picture of someone in your life with a disability:

Talk about how they have impacted your life, inspired you, made you laugh and shown you what is possible in life.  Focus on how much you love them and how happy you are they are in your life.  Then, shift the focus.  Explain how if they were born in an under-developed country there would be a 80% chance they wouldn't have made it past the age of 5.  Tell of the mindset that says your precious friend is "cursed" and how wrong that is. Share your feelings on how wrong it is, and direct people to the Uphold Global websites and social media profiles by using the hashtags #upholdglobal #upholdjustice and #talkitup


How it helps: Your voice is their voice.  It's hard for Americans to imagine children with special needs being so neglected and treated with such unjust conditions, but by paralleling it to incredible people and children here in the world who have disabilities, it hits home and makes this a more tangible issue.  Once you can envision and feel something, you can change it. 


2. Donate $1:

That's literally all we're asking for.  We won't say no to more, but we do believe in the power of a bunch of people doing something really small individually to create something really big collaboratively. What will $1 get you these days? Nothing.  But what can $1 from 1000 different people do for the lives of children with disabilities?  EVERYTHING. Not everybody can give significant amounts of money to help our children, but everyone can give $1. 

How it helps:  If every body who has visited this website in the last year had donated $1, the bus for our children would already be funded.  If everybody who has visited this website since it was created had donated $1 we'd have donated over $100,000 directly to organizations that help our kids.  So why haven't they?  People often exclude themselves from donating because they may not be able to give $100, their smaller donations are insignificant.  Not so.  We need all of the bits and pieces and that includes your $1. 

Donate $1